Watch this 2020 Supra go jumping and drifting through a forest

And there's a cliffhanger at the end of the video

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Have you seen the commercial ads for the new Toyota Supra? Most of them involve the car swivelling around race tracks. Quite an evident viewpoint. The one I liked the most comprised of the sports car doing a powerslide across a make-believe Pinball board. But what if there was another one, which had the Supra being hauled across a winter-forest?


While I admit, this isn’t a car ad shot by the Japanese carmaker itself, but don’t you think these shots would make a good case for themselves? Nevertheless, this Supra-jumping video comes courtesy of Youtube channel ‘robyworks’ who thought driving the Supra as if on a rally stage across a pinewood forest would look good. And he seems to be right.

Right at the start of the video, the car is stationed at the HGK Racing team’s workshop which puts the location of this film around Latvia. Before going bonkers with the Japanese sports car, a man greets you with two of his fingers. Fortunately, the polite greeting is succeeded by the Supra running donuts around a barrel, drifting through the muddy tracks of the forest and finally onto an empty track.

Certain shots, including the one where the Supra is airborne, appears as ad-worthy in my head. The seamless drifting sequences are another set of shots that could make for a tempting AV. But if you’re someone who prefers to watch mechanical feats and innovations more than flamboyant driving, the last segment of the video might be a bit of a cliffhanger for you.

The visual is almost at its end when the Supra returns to the shed from where it started. However, the last few seconds focus on a group of mechanics removing suspension components, readying an engine and cutting up some steel. I wouldn’t have assumed anything until the concluding second of the video displayed a ‘to be continued’ message which could only mean one thing - this airborne Supra won’t be left as standard for long.

Would you modify your 2020 Toyota Supra? If yes, which component?

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