Watch this 92-year-old man set a new world record in a car

1y ago


Check out this awesome video that has emerged online of 92-year-old Peter Racine, who has set the new world record for the oldest person to ever flip a car.

Peter set the world record on July 22 in a smashed up old Subaru estate car at the Bear Ridge Speedway in Bradford, Vermont in America.

What makes this even more amazing is that Peter admitted to being blind in his right eye and said he can't really see out of his left eye. Despite these difficulties Peter managed to roll the car in front of a crowd of fans who cheered him on.

Pete Racine, 92, of St. Johnsbury Vermont has been planning this stunt for about a year. He said that at this age, he felt like doing something exciting to show that you are never too old to have fun.

The video will be sent to The Guiness Book of World Records to confirm that he did set a new world record.

If I'm still alive at 92 I can only dream of being this awesome!

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