Watch This BMW-Sauber F1 Car Scream Around The Nordschleife

Crank up the volume and enjoy!

3y ago

What are the best racing videos on the interweb? Old F1 cars (pre-V6 hybrids) screaming their way around any track are epic sprinkle in a little Nurburgring Nordschleife and you have a recipe for spectacular awesomeness.

Thanks to some genuine safety concerns Formula 1 cars stooped racing on the Nordschleife in the late 70's. While probably the prudent course of action this did rob us of the opportunity to experience a modern F1 car screaming around the Green Hell, or did it?

During a VLN race weekend Nick Heidfeld took his BMW Sauber F1.06 powered by a BMW 2.4 liter V8 for a spin around the famous Nordschleife. This was done for demonstration purposes but it gave us a chance to hear the glorious 2.4 liter V8 scream to its 18,000 RPM redline. Sauber engineers speculated that if they unrestricted the car they could complete the Nordschleife in a mind bending 5:15!

I could go on and on, describing just how awesome this was, orrrrr I could shut up and let you watch the video below.

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Comments (4)

  • They should do a feature race here 1 year. Just once, and if drivers don't want to they don't have to. Just to see what it would be like

      3 years ago
  • Amazing video! But that would be a BMW Sauber F1.06, not a Williams. All Williams Grand Prix cars have the pre-fix FW for Frank Williams and the car number in numerical sequence - for instance the 2017 car is the FW40. Also - Nick Heidfeld was with Williams only in 2005, this video was shot in 2007 I think.

      3 years ago