Watch this C8 Corvette get stomped by a Jeep SUV

Who would've guessed?

34w ago

Recently, American tuning company Hennessy stacked up a tuned-version of the Jeep Trackhawk against a (mostly) stock Corvette C8. And there's no other way of putting this: The Jeep Trackhawk won.

Needless to say, I have some explaining to do. The first thing that must be said is that both cars aren't stock. The Jeep Trackhawk has an additional (give or take) 300 horsepower and torque due to Hennessy's HPE1000 package. So then, the Hennessy-tuned Trackhawk produced 1,019 horsepower and 969 torques. The Corvette C8 only has one mod, which is a stainless steel exhaust, which only added 21 horsepower and 19 torques. The Corvette is pretty much stock, but it's worth mentioning. Due to this added exhaust, the C8 in this video produces 516 horsepower and 489 torques.

And with that in mind, it's worth mentioning that the Trackhawk, even though it weights significantly more than the C8, has double the horsepower and torque, and that will inevitably allow the Hennessy Trackhawk to win. However, it's definitely worth a watch, so make sure to see it for yourself in the link below!

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Comments (10)

  • Gee, 1,000 hp beat 500 hp. Who would’ve guessed

      7 months ago
  • And then they had to turn...

      7 months ago
  • Not necessarily, as weight increases it exponentially takes more torque to rotate that much mass from a dead stop, and that's not mentioning the brick wall the SUV starts to hit at 45 mph while the 'Vette slices through the air like warm butter. The 'Vette also has launch control and a mid-engine, the latter being a bit of a detriment in a drag race. Both are still impressive performers but a 1000hp SUV ? Not very practicle.

      7 months ago
    • Thanks, James May. Lol

        7 months ago
    • "as weight increases it exponentially takes more torque to rotate that much mass from a dead stop" - eh? Torque is force, we're trying to achieve acceleration here, and F=a*m. Where's the exponential part?

        7 months ago
  • The Trackhawk is also all wheel drive which helps it put all of that power down way more efficiently. Even if the C8 had similar HP and torque ratings it would still lose to the Jeep.

      8 months ago