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Watch this hilarious gang of Teletubbies stealing a forklift truck

Funny idea to go unnoticed!

3w ago


In order to steal discreetly, the bandits usually operate at night in isolated places. But when they are filmed by a surveillance camera, they can be tracked down and their methods identified. In order not to be recognized, these individuals then put on wrap-around clothes hiding their faces.

But this tactic can sometimes turn into a joke when the burglars disguise themselves as Teletubbies. This is what happened in a warehouse (the location is unknown). A gang of Teletubbies arrived to grab a forklift truck. The four people have a rather sharp sense of humour.

After spotting the camera, the characters carefully parked their van and started a real comedy act worthy of the children's series. They begin to get excited and dance. The atmosphere is such that the red Teletubbie ends up tackling his yellow counterpart.

They finally reach the climax of their remarkable script with the arrival of the forklift truck. The four protagonists conclude with another dance before leaving with the vehicle.


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Comments (5)

  • That's funny as h3ll. Creative too. If you can't beat the camera use it to your advantage and give the investigators a laugh. Difficult to ID individuals. LOVE IT.

    ... I do not condone or promote crime.

      25 days ago
  • I'm freaking scared... I hope they are not native to my home town

      25 days ago