Watch This mad-man take on the Nurburgring in a Dodge Charger Hellcat

      The SRT Hellcat is a great drag car, but you wouldn't expect it on the 'ring would ya?

      2y ago


      With its 707bhp HEMI V8 the 4 door Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat is one hell of a performance sedan capable of sprinting from 0-62mph in just 3.6 seconds, all while packing enough space to take the family along. However no one would accuse it of being a proper sports car, it's purpose is to embarrass a lot sportier cars in a straight line while also keeping the family happy, it lives and thrives at my favourite American past time: drag racing.

      That didn't stop these two guys from taking it to the Nurburgring which if you somehow don't know is one of the most gruelling and twistiest race-tracks out there. What's perhaps more shocking is that the driver is sitting in the passenger seat letting his mate drive it, which led to some funny moments when stuff got hairy with lines like 'you're lucky I trust the sh*t out of you' being thrown around.

      The lap begins by the driver making quick work of a Mustang GT perhaps unsurprising given the near 300 horsepower advantage the Charger has over the mustang. Then over some straights the duo gets up to 150mph, later picking a quick battle with a modified BMW M3 catching up in the straights but ultimately getting left behind in the twisties.


      If you like this sort of you should probably go ahead and check out this guys Youtube channel here for some more action showcasing the car you do least expected on the 'ring.

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      • Thx for watching - glad you enjoyed the video & yes, it WAS a complete blast to do! Thx again!

          1 year ago
      • I'd take the new Ford GT

          2 years ago


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