Watch this Mahindra jeep double up as a loader to help pave village roads

And you thought only Land Rover Defenders were capable of such feats

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In a country like India, where rural population constitutes around half of the national census, expecting a well-paved road network throughout the country is a lot like expecting a packet of Lays to come brimmed with chips. However, progress can certainly be made, which is precisely what this video appears to be portraying.

A video of a Mahindra jeep equipped with a digger bucket is doing the rounds of the internet. While witnessing the ease at which this Indian Jeep is gliding through the slushy roads of an Indian village is one thing, the innovative fitment of a bucket on its front bumper to transport cement to pave a concrete path is another jugaad (makeshift in Hindi) altogether.


As evidently displayed, village paths aren’t wide enough for large loader trucks to commute. And if the narrow roads weren’t enough, the slushy mud-terrain would further increase the continuous risk of heavyweight vehicles getting stuck. Hence, the workers had to resort to one of the most rugged vehicles known to Indians - the Mahindra Major.

You thought it to be a Thar? I did too until I read more about Mahindra vehicles and found this Major to be a Mahindra utilitarian offering, positioned beneath the slightly more plush and lifestyle-ish Thar model.

Underneath, the Major is essentially a modified Willy’s Jeep from the 1950s. You get a 2.5-litre diesel engine putting out close to 65hp, enough to drive around farmlands carrying agricultural produce. The video further substantiates its rugged character as I could only find one instance where the mud-sodden tyres spun out.

Throughout the rest of its commute, the utilitarian vehicle easily bypassed the slushy terrain without getting stuck or even unnerved. One instance also saw the driver reversing through the rough terrain without any possible need of a tow. And mind you, all this mechanical capability without any multiple locking differentials or fancy electronics. Mad!

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  • And that's why Mahindras are legends.

      3 days ago
    • The utilitarian ones? Yesss!

        3 days ago
    • This reminds me of a "incident" which occurred near my house, in which a salesman was demonstrating the TUV-300's stability, so he punched the gas pedal and took a U-Turn real hard (I know because a salesman from Mahindra did that to me too in...

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        3 days ago
  • I’d take one of these over a new bronco every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

      3 days ago
  • This is Kerala man...💪💪

      3 days ago

      3 days ago
  • Love the retaining wall very skilfully assembled. Ingenious Mahindra beats pushing a wheelbarrow, the guy in the red shirt may need new spine bushings.

      1 day ago