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Watch: This Man Turned His Ford Raptor Into A Cybertruck

Some people just can't wait.

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Igor Krezic and his company Stark Industries just couldn't wait for the real Tesla Cybertruck, which will release in about a year - so they decided to build their own. Stark Industries and their staff of IT specialists and engineers worked for eight months to replicate Elon's prized concept truck.

There's one flaw with this interesting transformation - it isn't electric. That's right, there is a Tesla Cybertruck look-alike roaming around, only it makes the engine noise of a 3.5 L V6 - not very convincing, but still extremely cool.

With all of this said, they did a damn good job with the bodywork, it looks almost identical to the concept. I guess those who can't wait also get cool things. One main difficulty has come about, however: "We are currently working to get the car registered, but the problem is that sharp edges are prohibited by law in our country," Stark Industries engineer Mila Maric told Global News. The real one's pointy body lines will also pose an issue, on this planet at least, as pedestrian safety is a concern.

Naturally, a few adjustments had to be made due to the Raptor's different proportions. The doors were the most difficult to incorporate as everything had to be seamlessly adapted to the Ford, and the Cybertruck's doors are a great deal larger. What about the interior? The interior also received a rework, with a replica fighter jet style steering wheel and massive center screen. Even with these changes to the interior, you can tell it's not a real Cybertruck, unless of course the Cybertruck will use a key to start it.

REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

I have no doubt that Cybertruck replicas will continue to be built - something has to hold us over for the real one. The old saying goes "Good things come to those who wait..." This isn't true in this case.


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