Watch this stunning rally-spec Porsche 911 on track at Estoril Circuit

This stunning machine packs plenty of character

2y ago

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Any video which starts with pure engine noise and the distinctive markings of a race track are going to grab my attention pretty quickly.

In this clip, it's a beautiful air-cooled, rally-spec 911 which takes centre stage on Portugal's historic Estoril circuit.

A family heirloom driven by his Andre Nunes' father, the car was converted fromm a 2.4 S into a 2.8 RSR, a legal modification for the car to race in period, and being virtually unchanged since.

Quite the combination: A stunning 911 and an empty Estoril circuit

Quite the combination: A stunning 911 and an empty Estoril circuit

"The feeling and sound of this car is really specific for its time," explains Andre.

"Fortunately, we kept the car with the same specifications since it finished its last race."

Feast your eyes and ears on the clip below:

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Comments (5)

  • I visited Sports Classe a couple of months ago, and that car just grabs your attention straight away. Fantastic!

      2 years ago
  • Awesome! I would take it to Suzuka. :)

      2 years ago
  • I amnt going to lie seeing that is like a boys dream live on wheels I loved the shape of the body the sound of engine 250 bhp in this day and age is nothing great but considering its like old and dated technology it is awesome. For years I had that.exact tin car pencil case. Sounds pretty mean too

      1 year ago