Watch to the Brabham BT62 in Action at the Portimao Circuit

Feast your eyes and ears upon what can only be described as automotive porn

2y ago

If Brabham BT62 was a person, it would be John McClane in a leather jacket with a cigar hanging of his lips and loaded Colt .45 on his belt, in other words it's the epitome of old-school coolness.

With its' naturally aspirated 5.4 litre V8 belting out 700hp at 7400rpm BT62 it's a gem of a gone by era amongst current generation of electrified and turbocharged track-cars. It tips the scales at just 972 kg thanks to all carbon fibre body, it's also a part of the 'drive upside down in a tunnel club' thanks to its aero pack developing in excess of 1200 kg's of down-force.

Now you can see and perhaps more importantly hear it be unleashed in a 'full attack mode' at the Portimao circuit in Portugal.

Brabham Automotive is set up by David Brabham, son of Sir Jack Brabham one of the Formula 1 pioneers and the only man to ever win a Formula 1 Championship in a car of his own construction. BT62 is build on the same principles of uncompromising performance, the company says this about it 'The Brabham BT62 has been designed and engineered to demand more from its driver. It is a car for those who want to challenge themselves and push themselves to experience driving in its purest form. '.

If you are interested one prepare a cool $1.3 Million and get in que as the brand will only build 70 of these.

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Comments (6)

  • Sounds absolutely insane

      2 years ago
    • Couldn't agree more, hope we will see a few more of these enginees before the move to EV

        2 years ago
  • Must be awesome to drive a car with your own name on it. And what a car! Really hope to see it tearing down the Mulsanne straight.

      2 years ago
    • Might happen in the new Supercar LMP Class ;D

        2 years ago
  • Jack would have loved it

      2 years ago