- Photo credits - Jackomac YTP

Watch: Top Gear's opening parody

YouTube is a wonderful place, where fandoms meets and mash up, in this case the famous opening of Cowboy Bebop, popular anime directed by Shinichiro Watanabe  and produced by Sunrise studios, is the base for a re elaboration of the well known opening theme of Top Gear.

Instead of Jessica by The Allman Brothers, the scattered notes of "Tank" by Yoko Kanno, are the riveting soundtrack of the opening.

Here the parody, made by Youtuber Jackomac YTP

Here the original version, if you want have an idea, just in case you don't know what Cowboy Bebop is. The series tell the (mis)adventures of Spike Spiegel, bounty hunter, and of the variegate crew of the spaceship Bebop, where the cleverest is the dog, no jokes.

Thanks for watching!

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