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    Watch: ''Top secret'' A80 Toyota Supra gets taken around the Nurburgring

    This car also represents a big slice of JDM history, and here's why

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    When it comes to stand out era's for vehicle production, Japan in the 90s certainly springs to mind - with many people still believing that the great motoring war that ensued along the neon-lit cities of the land of the rising sun remains one of the greatest automotive stories of all time. (Click here to find out a little bit more regarding that!)

    The period unquestionably berthed some incredible machines, with the A80 Toyota Supra staking a strong claim for being the best of the lot. It provided the perfect palate for enthusiasts to build their dream drives, with some opting for even darker motives. One such person is Smokey Nagata, a Japanese automobile tuner and driver who founded ''Top Secret Ltd'', a specialist car firm that supplies parts for eager people that have an eternal need for speed.

    Smokey Nagata. Image credit: Top Gear.

    Smokey Nagata. Image credit: Top Gear.

    As well as being an established performance car modification brand, Top Secret are also known for hosting illegal Wangan high speed runs, professional drift events, circuit races, and quarter mile drag strip sprints. There's no denying it, Smokey Nagata and his firm are the real deal, and they represent a culture and an ethos that many of us could only dream of living.

    Living outside the law was nothing new for Smokey, and his attitude reached its height in the winter months of 1999, when he shipped out an A80 Toyota Supra, that produced over 1000bhp, to England, for the sole purpose of reaching 200mph on the A1 motorway. Unfortunately, he only managed to hit a *modest* 197mph, on a dangerously wet road in the middle of the night, before being pulled over by the boys in blue.

    (Click here if you want to see Smokey's run!)

    Image credit: Dailymotion.

    Image credit: Dailymotion.

    The result of his actions? A night behind bars, a £190 fine, immediate extradition, and a driving ban in the UK for 28 days. Not a bad price to pay to etch your name into automotive folklore, if you ask me. Smokey has since taken a step back from lunacy, and his Supra is now under the ownership of a chap called Jörgen, who's affiliated Instagram account can be found here.

    Misha Charoudin, a performance car driver who basically lives at the Nurburgring, recently got in touch with Jörgen, after people began to realise that we were approaching the 20th anniversary of Smokey's legendary A1 run. Jörgen replied, and the two fanatics met up to give us a short history lesson on what might possibly be the greatest tuner car to come out of Japan in the 90s.


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    Comments (5)

    • Smokey surely is crazy but damm... he does make incredible machines.

        3 days ago
    • This guy is either a hero or just friggin crazy. Either way he is always entertaining. His stunts would be worth the punishment he usually receives. I hope he knows when to quit. He really doesn’t want some country quitting for him.

        4 days ago
      • I don’t like to promote dangerous driving, so I can’t say he’s a hero, but he’s a very, very, very cool madman.

          4 days ago
    • How did he only get that punishment?!? It’s awesome tho

        4 days ago
      • Laws were very relaxed in the 90s, only as we entered the noughties did speed cameras and ruthless laws come into play, so really, he did it at a good time. 😂

          4 days ago


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