Watch: Toyota GR Supra with widebody kit and huge spoiler sounds insane

This one-eyed monster is almost as scary as it is cool!

3w ago

Just like the previous generation of Toyota Supra, the A90 has become very popular among car enthusiasts and tuners. This latest creation has is the mad idea of Daniel Song, a long-time Toyota Supra fan.

In the video you can see here, Song explains how this new build has been given a Varis Supreme90 body kit, which includes a carbon fibre front splitter, wider side skirts, and flared fenders. It also happens to be the first Supra to be fitted with the Varis Supreme90 body kit.

The kit is currently available to order for a cool $13,495, but Song added some more things to his build. He fitted a new bonnet with large vents, an aggressive rear diffuser, and a huge fixed rear wing. There's also only one working headlight as the other has been used as a hole to give the engine more air.

However, this isn't just cosmetic changes as under the bonnet this Supra has fitted with an upgraded turbocharger and a titanium exhaust. Song didn't say how much more horsepower his Supra produces, but it is surely more than the stock car's 382hp and 368 lb-ft of torque.

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Comments (6)

  • Especially with that paintjob it looks a little bit like an AMG GTR Pro:

      26 days ago
  • THAT LOOKS INSANELY gooooooood! toyota have done some garage workkkk!!

      27 days ago
  • Varis did it again, as expected. They never miss.

      27 days ago
  • yesssssss

      27 days ago
  • That's a very good looking kit

      27 days ago