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Watch: Toyota Supra Jumps 100' Into Cardboard Boxes

Looks like a Ken Block stunt, doesn't it?

5w ago

Stephan Papadakis is a drifting legend of sorts, being the founder of the most winning team in Formula Drift history. For his latest video, he wasn't content with just a plain old drifting video featuring a bunch of modified Toyota Supras, so he set up today's featured stunt, in which he launched an almost stock Supra off a ramp into 100 feet into a jumble of cardboard boxes.

The jump, which was staged in San Pedro, took careful planning and practice. The Supra was stock with the exception of an added roll cage. Moreover, there was no landing ramp at the end like a normal jump; the car would land on the cardboard boxes, hopefully cushioning the fall. Both car and driver were unharmed, though driver Andy Bell said he "felt the landing".

Check it out below:

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