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Watch: Twin-turbo diesel pickup truck explodes on 3,000bhp dyno run

This is one fireworks display you wouldn't want to be a part of

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America is home to a profusion of insane creations, from 1000bhp Viper's to even crazier hot-rod's. As a result, it comes as absolutely no surprise that that list is further swelled by the inclusion of a simply psychotic, near 3000bhp, diesel powered truck created by Salt Lake City based tuning firm ''Industrial Injection''.

Over the past weekend, the highly coveted 'Weekend on the Edge' event took place in Ogden, Utah - and this truck was billed as one of the main highlights of the showpiece event. As the festival roared into life, the 2920bhp truck rolled out onto what I can only imagine is the strongest dynomometer in the world, before being put through its paces.

It's still not known exactly what modifications and alterations had been made to the truck, and what components and parts it housed, but we do know that the leviathan was fitted with several nitrous oxide tanks and support systems. Just before the truck went on its dyno-run, its team decided to upgrade the size of the NOS tanks it had - which proved to be a fatal decision.


As the footage from ViralHog shows, the engine was already billowing with smoke and black gasses leading up to the horrific moment - it's almost as though the motor was crying out for mercy and pleading for the driver to stop. Then, just like that, the engine is seen splitting in half, just moments before the hood was thrusted six-feet into the air as a result of the explosion.

Upon further inspection, if you stop the video at precisely the moment that the detonation occurs, you can see two big-fat turbochargers also being hurled up into the heavens. What makes this scene particularly terrifying is the fact that the driver is still in the car the moment the front end is engulfed, but somehow, he reacts incredibly quickly to get himself up and out to safety.

Marshalls then hurtled to the scene with fire trucks and massive water hoses to ensure no further damage was caused to the dyno, the truck or the surrounding people - and thanks to their quick reactions, the damage was actually reparable. The truck will need to be rebuilt, probably from the ground up, if it is ever to reclaim its title, but the more important thing is that nobody was hurt.

What did you think about this lunatic of a truck and the ensuing dyno-run?

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Comments (84)

  • Good riddance. Wish the driver was also fined for air pollution. The work done to that truck was specifically designed to violate clean air standards. Translating this for the masses: this person decided to damage everybody’s health and safety as a hobby. Sure, every action has a cost but working to maximize the costs everyone has to pay for their individual fun is selfish . Coal rolling is an act of intentional harm and this truck did not deserve to exist.

      27 days ago
    • He might have violated clean air standards where you live but in some places these modifications are perfectly legal. I quite enjoy modified diesels and yes even rolling coal. Just let people have their hobbies. I’m sure you have your own...

      Read more
        26 days ago
    • Oh, I thought we tried to stay kind here. Let’s not play like Gabe and start slinging names at folks who speak their mind. Where i live, damaging public resources is not legal or funny. I sure am lucky to live here. Recommend moderators...

      Read more
        26 days ago
  • I saw a minor version of this happen over the summer where I live, some redneck asshole trying to “roll coal” over revved and caught fire. Burning his truck to the ground. Made me laugh.

      26 days ago
  • This gender reveal party thing has gone mad

      25 days ago
  • This people is why you moderate your modifications.

      27 days ago
  • Poor truck

      27 days ago


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