- Two legendary drivers that switched vehicles for the day! Image: Mercedes AMG F1 Media Site.

WATCH: Valentino Rossi and Lewis Hamilton trade jobs

The long awaited crossover has finally happened.

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There have been talks for months now about Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi - two icons of their respective sports - switching jobs for a day. What does this include? It means that Hamilton got to ride and world-class motorbike that participates in MotoGP races, while Rossi drove the Mercedes W10.

The two met up in Valencia with their teams to make the swap. Lewis was able to ride a gorgeous blue 2019 Yamaha MotoGP YZR-M1 with the Monster Energy logo on the side of it. Meanwhile, Valentino got to drive a modified version of the Mercedes W10 that features his bright yellow rider number on the side, as well as a removed halo for better vision.

Hamilton headed out onto the track and looked very quick - we have seen on his social media that he has had the opportunity to ride these kinds of bike before, so he seemed to know what he was doing! He said after his ride on the Yamaha that the wind was very tough around Turn 13, with Rossi adding that the first corner is also very tough.

It was then Rossi's turn to get in the Mercedes, and also looked like he was having a great time. Even without the halo, Rossi said it was 'difficult to see, but after some laps it does get better and you do get used to it.'

The two then took to the track together, and some of the shots they were able to take were amazing! Take a look for yourself...

(​EDIT: If you are a mobile user, this video will be blocked by F1 management. You can go to YouTube.com to watch the video by clicking here. Sorry for the inconvenience!)

What did you think of this little crossover between the two motorsport legends? It looked like the both enjoyed the experience very much - but the one man I do feel sorry for is Rossi's biggest fan, Lando Norris...

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