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Watch: Width Restrictor Wastes Distracted Drivers

No one is safe from this pinch point in a low traffic neighbourhood in Watford.

1w ago

Width restrictors. We all know them. The narrowing kerbstones that hem vehicles through a point in the road, slowing traffic and in theory providing safe roads for other users. A key thing to have in considerably residential areas where children are far more prevalent on the pavements and roads. But it seems that the message hasn't gotten through to all the people who still use the 'rat run' of Woodmere Avenue to by pass traffic. Check it out;

The original footage comes from Tim Vigor who is lives in the house that overlooks the width restrictor and has caught the strangely mesmerising footage on his Ring doorbell camera system.

Clearly signposted at 7 foot wide the onus here really is on drivers who don't know the width of their vehicle and insist on barreling towards the gap at speed only to clip the kerb, smack the bollard and inflict what can only be a considerable amount of damage to their cars. You can hear in the video countless tyres being popped as cars bounce onto two wheels akin to Paul Swift and his stunt team, before crunching down. Even the 5-0 aren't immune to this motoring absent-mindedness with one of their Transits coming a cropper (or should that be come a copper! Ed: that's terrible, stop).

Tim regularly posts the videos onto the Facebook group, which thankfully is open to the public to scroll through, so if you've got a moment I'd suggest having a peruse! The most recent video, uploaded but two hours ago (at the time of going to press) shows Golf take a fairly potent whack.

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Comments (19)

  • Aside for the stupidity of drivers that don’t know the width of their vehicles and not paying attention, some are truly bad drivers as a few of those cars are tiny!

      11 days ago
  • Great advert for Ring video doorbells! Still, slow accidents are nothing on the ‘can opener bridge!’ Across the pond they know how to hit new lows!


      11 days ago
  • lmaooo the rozzers

      11 days ago
  • I think it says a lot about the people driving to be honest! @12 seconds a transit goes through at 20 no problem at all!

      11 days ago
  • All 'driver error' incidents. If you can't drive, get out of the car... simples. Cyclists need protection more than ever before and if a road isn't a high volume route, motorists tend to be more careless and also ignore speed limits, making a cyclists existence a misery. I have no love of cycling, but I also realise that it must form an integral part of modern travel, particularly within built-up areas. There's a priority code (apparently) for road users, based upon what was there first. I know there are certain rules and laws that modify this in certain circumstances, like no bicycles on motorways for example), but it goes thus: pedestrians were there first and get priority over everything else. Then horse traffic. Then bicycles. Then motor vehicles. Common sense should inform a pedestrian not to step in front of moving traffic, but that traffic must also be planning ahead for the pedestrian to claim their priority. So these bloody useless drivers get what they deserve.

      11 days ago