Watch: Yellowbird RUF gets absolutely sent around the 'Ring

I'm in a little bit of Porsche obsession at the moment. I can't stop watching classic Porsche videos, especially from the air-cooled era. I re-stumbled upon my all time favourite video on the internet featuring the flightless Yellowbird.

Ruf are basically Singer before Singer were cool. They made the CTR which is a Porsche 911 930 with a huge injection of batshit craziness. It has insane accelerations stats for the era getting from 0-60mph in about 3.6 seconds.

The video in question is the magical Ruf being absolutely sent around the Nurburgring on a sunny day. At no point in the video is the driver not giving it everything. Almost every corner exit is accompanied by a spoonful of oversteer.

He's also doing it in the classic German combination of loafers, white socks and Clarkson jeans.

Have a watch here:

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  • corretion: the Ruf CTR (which stands for "Group C Turbo Ruf") is not based on the 930, but on the 1987 Carrera S. Ruf chose the narrow body because they thought it looks better and it suits their purpose better. It's one of the reasons it became the fastest productioncar in the world for a short period of time. less drag than the competitors.

    16 days ago
  • Sorry but , as much as i like Porsche the best video is this from a Peugeot...

    17 days ago
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