Watch: Yellowbird RUF gets absolutely sent around the 'Ring

Possibly the most erratic and coolest Nurburgring lap ever

2y ago

I'm in a little bit of Porsche obsession at the moment. I can't stop watching classic Porsche videos, especially from the air-cooled era. I re-stumbled upon my all time favourite video on the internet featuring the flightless Yellowbird.

Ruf are basically Singer before Singer were cool. They made the CTR which is a Porsche 911 930 with a huge injection of batshit craziness. It has insane accelerations stats for the era getting from 0-60mph in about 3.6 seconds.

The video in question is the magical Ruf being absolutely sent around the Nurburgring on a sunny day. At no point in the video is the driver not giving it everything. Almost every corner exit is accompanied by a spoonful of oversteer.

He's also doing it in the classic German combination of loafers, white socks and Clarkson jeans.

Have a watch here:

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Comments (22)

  • Sorry but , as much as i like Porsche the best video is this from a Peugeot...

      2 years ago
  • Herr Stefan Roser at the helm,btw

      2 years ago
  • Sorry but the greatest car video is and will always be Le Rendezvous

      2 years ago
  • Climb dance ... you're welcome

      2 years ago
    • Good vid. The skills are obviously amazing too, but the montage lacks pace, I feel.

        2 years ago
  • That is lunacy, but proper old school skill, right there. No electronic assistance or traction conteol toys.. cameraman undoubtedly shitting himself in the back, and no helmets..Bravo..

      2 years ago