Watching motorhome and RV crash test results is absolutely terrifying

2w ago


RVs are fun. No matter what Clarkson, Hammond, and May say. They are. Well, at least here in the US they are.

Our roads are wide enough that you can safely get an RV to nearly anywhere you want to go. Hell they just did it in the most recent season of The Grand Tour. In Europe it's much tougher since the roads are more narrow and weren't built to house massive vehicles.

This is why it's so popular in the US. It's a huge country with massive roads, so RV sales are far greater here than in most other countries. But RVs aren't really that safe, if I'm honest. For one thing, families rarely strap themselves in when they're driving unless you're in the front two seats. What's even worse than that is the crash test results I'm about to show you. If these were cars, they wouldn't even be allowed on the road they're so bad.

Watch in horror as these motorhomes crumple under a head on impact (NOTE: the video is in Swedish):

Just look at that! The entire driver seat was pushed back into the passenger compartment. And two of the "kids" in the back were completely crushed!

This video is from Sweden where they are starting to make RVs and motorhomes have a similar standard to cars when it comes to crash tests. Here in the US almost no regulations exist on crash testing. Thank to Jalopnik for the tip on this one!

Two types of motorhomes were tested in Sweden with semi-integrated units fairing only slightly better than fully-integrated versions. Either way, they both aren't really safe when involved in a big time head on collision.

Watching the video is seriously terrifying and has cured me of ANY thought I've ever had about potentially buying an RV or motorhome in the future.