Watching this G-Class ad will prod you to become resilient before buying one!

After a long time, Mercedes-Benz has come up with a highly humorous ad.

37w ago

Remember the S-Class advertisement with a chicken to throw a glimpse into then Mercedes' newly launched Magic Body Control feature? And where they rope in a lion to demonstrate how the ambient lighting can change colours that befit your mood? Those were some highly logical, humorous and out of the box television commercials, if I may say so. However, that was long time back and it was right about time they came with something scintillating. So here it is.

What the German luxury carmaker has done is built a new ad featuring their highly capable off-road weapon, the 'Gelandewagen' or the G-Wagen as it is colloquially yammered. In addition to this, a somewhat grim-visaged man and a staff attendant from Mercedes become a pivotal part of the play to direct a British man to pass a couple of challenges before he could be 'rightly' handed over the keys to his adorable G-Wagen, he evokes an intense liking for.

The first challenge requires the British man to tie himself and endure a windblast with a profusion of sand thrown at him presumably to take him into an artificial backdrop of a desert where he would be bashing the dunes with windows opened.

The second test welcomes an old lady acting as the co-passenger who is first made to withstand fishtailing sitting on a bull and prevent a fall. This is done to ensure that she remains safe clasping a factory-built handle on the dash of the G-Class when venturing on rutted paths. The handle has been a trademark feature of all G-Class iterations since the car was born 1981.

The British man finds both the tests amusing enough. However, what is also fascinating is the manner the key fob of the car is finally delivered to him with the wraps being taken off the car simultaneously supposedly through a mojo cast by the German.

For an advertisement, you might blemish it for being bizarrely long but follow the ad with fawning attentiveness and you might remark, a few minutes dedicated to this tidbit were well spent!

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