Way of the warrior

A long, long time ago the V8 gods gave man the wheel as a gift from the exhaust clouds on which they rest on.

4y ago

The rules of the warrior.

#1 The tribe is HOME.

#2 You are born in the tribe.

#3 Engines are for us warriors what katanas are for the samurai: their weapon of choice.

#4 When you touch the gas it creates a link between the heart of the beast and your own.

#5 You must listen when the beast roars.

#6 The beast demands sacrifice.

#7 It teaches you as you teach it.

#8 Guide the beast as if you were ONE.

#9 Like each weapon, it demands a strict code, the strictest, with "it" being alive.

#10 The road teaches no matter it`s surface.

The lines above are our commandments from the V8 gods and the following ones will serve as an explanation for what exactly is happening. If the words that are about to follow feel like your own thoughts, just arranged differently, I am proud and terrified at the same time to announce that you, my friend, are a warrior. You are about to find out what that is and why the odd combination of feelings.

A long, long time ago the V8 gods gave man the wheel as a gift from the exhaust clouds on which they rest on. Man kept improving that wheel, with the guidance of the gods, until our mechanical beasts where born. These beasts have many different species, sizes and feeding needs. No matter these differences there is one thing they all have in common: they need one of us to spark life.

Among us different tribes have risen across time. Tribes that are loyal to a particular beast or species. The Wheel Warriors are the rarest and they exist in every tribe. These individuals, no matter the beast they chose or the tribe they are from, come together to form a new tribe all together. A tribe in which the spark we all give beasts to come alive starts to become the same spark as the one that brings us to life. Odd and difficult to explain, I know.

Unfortunately these individuals, such as yourself (if you made it this far), become tied forever to the beast. Solely because when the beast sparks they spark as well, everything heightens, the peripheral vision expands to lengths that amaze, hearing, movement, feel amplify, as well as many other experiences that are hard to put into words. The longer they stay connected to the beast the harder it is to leave.

If you understood at least a part of what was written it means the V8 gods chose you as the second rule of the tribe clearly states. Be proud. Wheel Warriors now have their own tribe. They might belong to one already, but when the need exceeds all others, and the beast calls, the warrior answers.

My mission is to spread the rules of the gods until they reach every warrior. Never forget the first rule: The tribe is HOME. The gods leave nothing at random, "home" had to be in capital letters for there can only be one such thing. As a warrior it is your duty to spread the word to your fellow brothers and sisters for those who do not know can finally come where they belong.

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  • There is nothing to forgive Dale. The V8 gods love all their beasts equally, and watch out for all warriors! Just keep on fighting the good adrenaline-fight, brother!

      4 years ago
  • Can I be forgiven? I own no v8, not even a 6. My cylinder counts are a pair of twos and single quartet.

      4 years ago
  • I shall ride eternal, shiny and chrome, until the almighty V8 calls me to Valhalla!

      4 years ago
  • this is great!

      4 years ago
  • Luv, it. Thanks.

      4 years ago