1y ago


Its been a year since drivetribe launched and a big thing I would like to talk about is the amazing community we have created here on the platform. We have had arguments and disagreed, debates and quitters, but in the end WE all ARE DRIVETRIBE!

Yes its been way to long as this idea started probably almost half a year ago... but its finally here! Thank you to everyone involved I will be making more! Watch the previous teaser trailer here:

Now everyone got into this a different way... this is how I did:

Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to drivetribe... Yes its been an entire year since we first started. I remember I heard of drivetribe right before tweets like

got a ton of attention to it... I put in my bid to be a tribe leader and over the next month or so completely and utterly forgot about it. Until one day while in class, I checked my email and saw this:

In the middle of my teachers lecture I jumped out of the chair and yelled, "YESSSSSSS!" Then I said, "i'm sorry can I go get a drink?" I was holding my phone panting staring wide eyed at her, and she still said ok.

And then through the debate with my parents over what to name my tribe, (my dad won in the end) and through the unexpected format of the site, and cool and exciting updates I have loved every minute of it!