We are putting a V10 into a Mazda MX-5!

We're putting the long lost 2.0-litre V10 into my NB MX-5

4w ago

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I cannot wait to share this project with you guys! The Ford Mondeo ST200 restoration has just been the start of our projects at DriveTribe, and this next is going to be very special.

If you're a fan of our YouTube channel, you may know that we filmed a video rediscovering a long lost V10 sports car called the Connaught Type-D. Well, we're taking the tiny 2.0-litre V10 from that car and swapping it into my 1998 MkII MX-5.

This project will be going on from now until the rest of the year, so subscribe to the channel and follow me on instagram to keep up to date with what's happening with our V10 Mazda project car!

Watch the behind the scenes here:

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Comments (35)

  • Wasn't the big deal with this engine that it was a hybrid?

    Will the also be sticking the hybrid part into the MX-5?

      29 days ago
  • This content will heal the internet 👍😁

      29 days ago
  • V10 MX5, sounds like a dream. Light, lively, react and just a hell load of fun!!!

      29 days ago
  • Cool! I wonder how difficult it will be to maintain though at the end...

      29 days ago
  • So it’s an MX10 then?

    Haha - I know the 5 doesn’t stand for cylinders.. just found that funny

      25 days ago