We are waiting something interesting for the Premiere of TGT Season 4

What could it be?

The Grand Tour Season 4 is coming ... at the 13 of December. Unlucky Climate changes day.

We expect something big, interestingly foreign, and something about animals and food, which should finally escape and it will be another climate disaster. But the most important thing that we are waiting for is how to survive the upcoming end of the world ... Although we have already been able to survive it in previous issues of the Grand Tour. Now we need to survive not even the end of the world, where everything would be immediately clear. And long and painful climatic changes, which in any case will be, as they once were for dinosaurs and other creatures of the Earth.

Talking about the weather is the most classic, interesting and polite start to long British conversations throughout 2020. And now this is the most relevant. It is interesting to learn how to survive the failed plans for an exotic vacation in Vietnam to many tourists this season. Plans for trips to many other countries await the same fate ...

But back to the most important thing! Something very interesting awaits us on the day of the premiere or in front of it! Because details of what is happening behind the scenes from the Grand Tour team became available.

These were photographing at a special scenes with the goal of marketing and distributing the photographs through a press lunch with reporters. You can already see very interesting interviews by clicking on this link.

A series of photos that were obtained as a result of hard work

And the most interesting moments, a video with impressions of everything that happens.

Play video
Play video
Play video

We can see Richard posing on the bow of a ship very similar to the Titanic. And this is brilliant, because Richard needs to be shot exactly on the model of the ship and not otherwise. Disaster must not be allowed. But everything predicted good luck in this picture this time, because Richard stood in the place of the girl who had been rescued from a sinking ship and only DiCaprio drowned, who stood behind and held her ...

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