We bought the cheapest Audi in the UK! Was this a good choice?

Is this a reverse flex?

2w ago

I was due to change my car... in 2020, ehhh. Anyway, I was hunting for a good deal on an Alfa Giulietta or maybe a Mini Cooper S, I was due to graduate in June and wanted to use my last long summer holiday to search for a car, we all know how that went this year.

A few months later my friend Bob called and opened with the following line

'Hello mate, guess what, I just bought an Audi for a £100 quid, we need to figure out a video idea for it'.

'You, bought what and for how much?'

'Audi, 100 quid'

'Does it run? '

'Yeah.. kind of'.

I was hooked, but I didn't even think of buying it at the time. I came up with a bunch of video ideas such as 'can it drive to x, without breaking down' or 'how hard is it to kill a 1.9 TDI?!'.

However, after taking a closer look it became clear that the Audi merely had an unfortunate meeting with a 'mechanic' who shouldn't be allowed near a bicycle, let alone a car. More bolts were lose/'hand-tight' than properly fixed in, and oil was pouring out of every possible place, and a T-Shirt was found in a place, where no T-Shirt went before.

Either way, Bob decided that despite the terrible first impression, the cars condition wasn't terminal, it shall be saved. So what now?

Well I was looking for a car wasn't I? Granted I was looking for something about half the size and weight, but in times of crisis who can be picky? Also, Audi's got comfy seats, real comfy seats...

After a short drive with Bob my made was made, I was going to buy the Audi. Bob sorted out a couple of issues which mainly consisted of taking apart the engine and giving it a through clean and subsequently fixed any other bodgeries left by the 'mechanic' who touched it before.

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Comments (15)

  • Wow, that's really really cheap. I checked and the cheapest Audi for sale near me is this actually very rare A3 wagon with a stick. Surprisingly no busted auto A4 sedans with roasted clearcoat and crash damage on Craigslist.


      8 days ago
    • Yeah we got lucky, we decide to double our budget next time, ended up. Paying 150 for a '97 A4 with the 2.8 liter 30 valve v6 with quattro and manual trans. Video coming soon!

        8 days ago
    • For comparison, the cheapest Audi here I mentioned that isn't broken is an amazingly low $2,000 or a little less than £1,500. I don't really understand the crazy low used car prices in Great Britain.

        8 days ago
  • We are car people, buy 3 and put all the good/working bits one and keep the others for spares, cheap motoring and will probably last till your forced to buy an EV!

      10 days ago
    • No need to buy spares! Got it running with just a through service really! I might have already bought another one though... V6 Quattro Manual, had to double my budget! Video coming soon.

        9 days ago
  • I’d say you got lucky! Well done.

      10 days ago
    • Thanks! It's part luck, part Bob's mechanical judgment, happy either way!

        9 days ago
  • What!?

      10 days ago
  • You failed to mention the coolness of it being a 5-speed wagon as well

      13 days ago