We Could Have a Manual in The Future

Hello people of the internet. I'm Nico and today I will be explaining how we can still enjoy what I think is our favorite transmission.

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I know that sales of manual cars are declining and are way down from what they used to be but even so, there obviously are people still buying manual cars, myself included, it really is just down to the manufacturers to keep making them. Obviously there are several sports car manufacturers that make manuals and the cheap versions of you everyday cars still come with a manual, but Jeep made an electric Wrangler with a manual. Yeah an electric manual.

How Does That Even Work?

When I first heard about this I wasn't really sure. My guess was that they just threw out the V6 and just bolted in an electric motor but that seem so pointless and needlessly complicated for an electric car that I was unsure. Turns out though that my guessing ability is pretty accurate and Jeep basically did just replace the V6 with an electric motor that spins up to 6000 rpm, much like your standard ICE. The difference of course is that instead of a gas tank it has a bunch of batteries and it can't stall, because it's electric.

Will It Happen?

Possibly, the people who would want an electric car probably wouldn't necessarily want a manual transmission, though if electric is the future then this may be very popular, especially with enthusiasts. Also, considering that Jeep even bothered to make an electric, manual off-roader despite that it is much easier to just put the electric motor at the wheel and save the production process, says quite a lot without confirming anything. It remains to be seen if it happens but I definitely have my fingers crossed that it comes into production.

My Thoughts

While it is a possibility that this car comes into production, despite the fact that it is needlessly complicated and obviously is not quite as analog as a traditional manual, the chance that it makes it into the world is not very high. The number of manual car sales has been dwindling over the years and while I would like this electric manual, even I have to admit it that it would be a disappointment regardless of how well it works. The part that makes the manual so enjoyable is being in control of keeping the car alive and moving. It is enjoyable to balance the clutch and the gas, it is fun to shift even if it isn't the smoothest. It's the experience of having control that makes the manual so special and having a transmission that you don't really need to monitor just won't really cut it. I like that Jeep bothered to make a manual and I am still excited to see how it is to drive it but my hope still lies with the synthetic fuels keeping the manual alive.

Do you agree? Are you excited about Jeep's electric Wrangler? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading. I hope that the manual lives on. Good luck, Godspeed, and may the Force be with you in all your endeavors.

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