We did it! Nürburgring names part of the track after Sabine Schmitz

What a lovely way to celebrate her racing career.

6w ago

After the unfortunate passing of legendary German racing driver Sabine Schmitz, the Nurburgring has finally agreed to name a corner of the track after her.

As soon as the news broke out about Sabine‘a death a petition appeared on Change.org in order to name a part of the track after her.

In order for it to be taken into consideration, 50,000 signatures were needed, we have reached that number and now turn 13 of the ‘ring has been named after her.

And in case you’re wondering T13 left is the downhill left-hander which is the first corner of any official lap-record, and is the first corner of the Nordschleife, making it a fitting choice.

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition. Sabine would be so happy.

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Comments (32)

  • “They are slow, but I am fast”


      1 month ago
  • And what a place to memorialize her: right at the start of a lap at the North Loop. The moment you cross that line, Sabine's stopwatch will start ticking, and she'll cheer you on -- "Go, GO, GO!" as you put the power down.

      1 month ago
  • That’s awesome.


      1 month ago
  • She was a motor racing icon! Brilliant to have a part of the Nürburgring named after her!

      1 month ago
  • Met her in 96 or 97. Very pleasant. Here’s a photo I took.

      1 month ago