We didn’t see that coming: Porsche dropped a genuine surprise this week

Alex Goy posted in News

2w ago


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As we find ourselves heading towards the Geneva Motor Show (where ALL of the performance cars go to play), let’s have a look at some of the stuff that might not be there in full force...

Supra gets the motor the fans want

The BMW-powered Mk V Supra is a hot car. It looks good, comes in bright yellow (the best colour – fight me), and gets a BMW-sourced 335bhp motor.

But because no one is truly happy with anything ever, some were unhappy with the powerplant. They want something hugely tunable like the 2JZ motor of old.

Enter stage right Chicago-based CX Racing. The midwestern company has already announced a 2JZ conversion kit for the new Supra. Something something, overnight from Japan, something something.

T-Roc gets GRUNT

In what may be the least surprising story of the week, VW has announced the T-Roc crossover is going to get the firm’s 300 horse 2.0-litre turbo four and a new name: T-Roc R. Or Trocker (in my head at least).

You may recognise this powertrain (in various tweaked forms) from the Golf R, Cupra Ateca, Leon Cupra, S3, and, and, and. If you feel your VW Crossover really needs that much power… fill your boots. I’ll let you know when my eyes stop rolling.

Porsche drops a genuine surprise: an all-electric Macan

The current generation Macan is A Good Car. It looks good, handles brilliantly, is great.

What were we expecting from a next generation version? Hybridisation, sure, and maybe a mentally quick Turbo S, but all electric all the time? That’s a surprise. Yet that’s the direction Porsche’s going with it.

Handily Porsche already has an EV powertrain ready for the Taycan, so all they need to do is build… the rest of the car.

Jag’s XE gets a facelift

When the XE launched a few years back it was a handsome thing, a good steer as well. The interior quality wasn’t up there with its rivals though.

Now there’s a refreshed, sharper XE on the scene. It has a new look, a new range topping 2.0-litre 296bhp motor, and a much nicer interior to boot. Should BMW et al be worried? Maybe. But I’ve still not seen any pictures of the view from the rear seats – the bit that in the old car was… not great.