We drove 5700 miles to prove Toyota's MPG is wrong (in a good way)

Proof that MPG is all about the right foot.

37w ago


If you're in tune with the automotive world in the last 5-10 years, MPG ratings have been a tense subject. Emissions cheating, MPGs fixing, and other such systems in search of beating the CAFE restrictions here in the US, and others globally, are under huge scrutiny.

What many people don't tend to understand about MPG is that it's directly related to your right foot. Most people that say they don't see the MPG their cars offer because they drive like a bat out of hell off the line at a traffic light, or cruise the highway at 90 (PSA: don't do either of those things)

With that said, Hansen, one of my Co-Founders here at Shifting Lanes, somehow convinced Toyota USA to give him a fresh press car in which to literally drive across the country. In approximately 5700 miles of driving, he came to an astonishing conclusion. Toyota's MPG rating for the CH-R is completely wrong. But in a good way...


What Hansen did is what we should all be doing. He utilized driver aid systems to maximize highway MPG. He did not gun it at lights. And the kicker, he even did some enthusiastic driving up Pike's Peak and other mountain roads along the journey, evidenced by his MPG dip. And yes her STILL managed to get better MPG that Toyota rated at highway. Maybe it had something to do with how he drove, and not the type of engine or car he had.

Now isn't that interesting...

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Comments (2)

  • I find this quite often too with the press vehicles that I get. I can usually get better mpg ratings on highways than what manufacturers claim. Sometimes even on the combined cycle I can get better mpg ratings. I recently had a Mazda CX-5 diesel and Mazda claim a highway rating of 30 mpg but I averaged closer to 40 mpg. I hear so many people complaining about the price of fuel and how much gas their cars/trucks consume but then they go and drive like jackrabbits. Accelerate hard and brake hard, just wasting fuel.

      8 months ago
  • Yeah, cars can perform better or worse than what the company states. Like many things on the road, it depends on the driver. I’ve gotten 52mpg in my Golf and as low as 6mpg. However, companies I think test multiple vehicles and state the average.

      8 months ago