We fixed our Lexus IS300's altitude problem (Sort of)

14w ago


A while back we put some amazing prototype VMR 710 18" wheels on our Project IS300. They look amazing, however there was one small problem, in combination with the tires the new wheels made the car look lifted. That kind of goofy appearance would not do so I set about the task of acquiring parts to address the issue. Thanks to some supply issues it took nearly a month for all the parts to arrive, but they're finally here and we set to work.

#ShiftingLanes #Lexus #IS300 #SuspensionUpgrade #Low #VMR #ProjectCar #Video #Eibach

Most of the parts are here and waiting installation.

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Comments (2)
  • 'sort of' fixes are the best kind of fixes

    3 months ago
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    • I hate leaving a job half finished. But I got to work with the time I have.

      3 months ago
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