We found the trio's cars for the next The Grand Tour Christmas Special!

We may have solved the question that nobody asked before...

2y ago

Christmas is approaching fast which makes us miss the Grand Tour Christmas Specials, one of the most iconic ones is undoubtedly in Season 1, where the trio were told to build Beach Buggies and go to Namibia.

Credit: The Grand Tour

Credit: The Grand Tour

It reminds us the fun of owning a beach buggy, it can be anybody's perfect blank canvas. You may want to build it the classic way, go down the dune buggy route or even stick a gigantic V8 behind the Beetle chassis. It can be truly yours.

Volkswagen, however, took things further than before, and came up with a plan of implementing their new I.D. platform under a beach buggy body, which instantly makes this go on the Sub-Zero section of the Cool Wall.

The Beach Buggy you see here is not the actual one that they're going to produce. This is the Buggy Up! Concept, which was released in 2011. It uses the chassis of the VW Up! and has a body of a typical beach buggy, only sleeker and much more modern than the Meyers Manx, the original beach buggy.

The new electric buggy is said to be under “active consideration”, while sitting alongside two other electric rebirth of the classic VW fleet, presumably the Beetle and the I.D. Buzz.

The first of the I.D. range will arrive in 2019, in the form of a generic hatchback, to popularise the use of electric cars, and generally change people's mindset about electric vehicles.

We think we can do one better, if the world does run out of petrol-powered cars one day, which it inevitably will, we think the new VW Beach Buggy EV could be the trio's cars for the Christmas Special. Think about it, it's a beach buggy, which means it's fun, very customisable and full of character.

The fact that it's electric, could mean it's electric fast, or it could mean it'll run-out-of-charge very easily. It's got the trio's name written all over it. I'm sure Clarkson, Hammond and May would be delighted to find out whether an electric car could electrocute somebody to death or not. It'd fun to watch nonetheless!

Do you think the coming VW Buggy EV would be any good? Tell us in the comments!

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Comments (3)

  • It is good idea to keep old design for new electro future. I like it very much

      2 years ago
  • Hell yes! Also, the Namibia buggy episodes are, to this day, the most-watched of any of the GT episodes in our household. Classic shit right there!

      2 years ago
  • That buggy deserves a special section of the North pole to be put in, for the cool wall.

      2 years ago