W​e had Christmas IN AN X5!

A​t Christmas, it is traditional to pack up your SUV and head to your family Christmas. This year we decided to have Christmas IN OUR SUV!

G​rab the kids, dogs, presents, food, booze, board games, mince pies, car keys and head to your designated festive place for the year.

To accommodate the annual migration, an SUV is usually the only thing that can get you and all your Christmas paraphernalia there in one piece.

This year however, I wondered if the new BMW X5 was actually big enough to accommodate Christmas rather than transport you to it?

C​heck out when we had a traditional Christmas in the new BMW X5 45e Hybrid

T​he car in question for our festive themed test drive was the brand new BMW X5 45e hybrid.

B​MW have been upgrading their entire range to incorporate electric power and the latest generation of X5 has now been given the hybrid treatment.

W​ith a set of batteries in the boot giving you a claimed 56 miles of range and a 3 litre, 292hp petrol unit in the front, the X5 will realistically get you about 50 miles to the gallon.

N​ot bad in a car that weighs the best part of 2.5 tonnes.

I​nternally the cabin is a huge step up on the previous X5. Most touch points feel premium, which is what you want form a car that costs north of £75,000. The idrive system is as intuitive as ever with the added feature of gesture control. Which I found a bit more of a gimmick than a useful tool.

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