We have a winner!

Here are the results, some statistics, and my thoughts on the winner

First of all, I would quickly like to remind ourselves what this long and important survey was all about. A month ago, end of September, I came across this article about the "2021 World Car of The Year" contest, and got interested in which cars would be competing, in what categories, and how the winner would be nominated. This competition will be led very soon and the results will officially come out early next year. Last year, the honour of "2021 World Car of The Year" went to the Kia Telluride for its styling, comfort, practicality, desirability and good value for money. And so I thought it might be interesting if Drivetribe was to nominate its Car of The Year so we could then compare our choice to the official winner.

And so I started regularly posting polls and battles and week after week, we had winners in each category, and therefore contenders for the future grand prize. I am overall very happy with how the series went, I could have hoped for even more people to vote, but thanks to every single one of you who participated even once in nominating Drivetribe's "2021 World Car of The Year", we now have a proper winner, and as you've probably seen, the final result was very close.

But first, some statistics:

As I write, the series has received 1 551 votes, 116 bumps, and has been viewed by close to 10 000 people in the last 25 days. Theses figures aren't exceptional, you always hope to get more views and more votes but to see each and every one of you take the time to vote and bump this series can' help but bring joy and pride whatever the numbers. So thank you all.

And now, what about the final contenders?

Earlier this week, the final poll of "2021 World Car of The Year" was launched in order to nominate the true winner of this grand series. The final contenders were:

The Aston Martin DBX, voted as "World Luxury Car" and with good reasons: The Aston not only looks and feels like every other beautiful Aston, it also combines everyday practicality with posh materials and modern-day technologie. It can seat 5 adults in true calm and luxury while delivering impressive sports car performance. The DBX is, in fact, the car I voted for in first place.

In the "World Urban Car" category, the Honda e was the ultimate winner: with its charming looks, futuristic cabin, excellent manoeuvrability around town and overall quality, the Honda e is a remarkable package which also comes at a remarkably high price of up to over 30 000 pounds. Compare to rivals, it is also down to half the range figure, and for some rational people, this makes the Honda, not so much of a good deal. However, if you've got the cash, you only want to drive in town, and you want your car to have the latest tech and cute looks, the e is an impressive package.

In its category, the Audi A3 was the winner. The class was all about value for money, practicality, technologie, town and motorway driving, and the everyday living experience. And when it comes to all these things, the new A3 ticks every box. Practical, comfortable, well-built, it now also looks cooler, and benefits from cutting-edge technologie, if you have the money, this is the everyday car you really want. And don't forget its air vents are styled to look like the ones on the Lamborghini Urus, that's something to tell your colleagues.

These cars then, they're not necessarily the best value for money, or the most sensible choice, and probably not the most economical. This series wasn't about picking the most sensible choice, but to select, what was to you, the most important of those cars. Perhaps because it was such an achievement, maybe because of its impressive technologie, gorgeous styling, strong personality, futuristic look and feel,... And in the end, this is our winner:

This is DRIVETRIBE's 2021 World Car of The Year:

Taking first place in front of the Honda e and Audi A3, is the Aston Martin DBX.

This result shows just how much Aston Martin has succeeded in making their first-ever SUV. Whether it's the perfect proportions, practical and luxurious interior, or the addictive performance figures, the DBX has won over several hearts and souls.

I can't lie about how chuffed I am about this result. It's British, it's beautiful, and it's brilliant, I'm a big fan of Aston in general and of the new DBX.

I just want to finish by saying that the A3 wasn't far behind as it would sometimes take the lead for quite some time before finally retiring to the second position. A final thank you to everyone who has supported this survey, let me know if I should do the same next year, or if it was a terrible idea and a total waste of time! Anyway, thanks for reading!

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  • Wow wow wow Aston Martin DBX get in my drive way son. Whatever Mr opposite lock, something's are more important than speed and looking mean and aggressive I bet this SUV would be pretty quick for its size I LOVE IT! hell yeah

      8 months ago
  • 🤮

      8 months ago