We love driving at the limit

2y ago


We appreciate a lot of different types of cars. Can you spot the Nissan, Volvo, and the MINI in this photo?

Melons' Curbhoppers is a tribe dedicated to a simple vision of automotive enjoyment: the feeling of being barely in control. The feeling of using every inch of track to achieve the best lap time possible, or maybe it's a stage time or something else. Our efforts to maximize our driving talent and skill on a limited budget, teach us to become better people in the process. The idea of studying, planning, thinking and discussing politely, to better master our trade (racing is a skilled trade at its core,) teaches us patience, love and camaraderie that few other things will teach.

An unofficial motto for my personal site.

Melons' CurbHoppers Tribe is the Tribe to get racing knowledge, tuning advice and so on, to make a slow car genuinely fast. I've studied a lot, practiced a lot and done a lot, within racing, but it's time for me to share that with you. So, if you enjoy driving at the limit, or you want to raise that limit to the stratosphere, this is the Tribe for you!

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