We Need to Talk About Ponies at the Pike | Shift Talking Ep. 26

Ugh, the drama around this event is pretty insane. So insane, that the 4 of us can't even agree on anything - like at all. In Today's episode, we're going to be discussing what happened before and after the Postponement of #PoniesatthePike .


Ponies at the Pike is an Annual Mustang/Shelby Car Show that is hosted at the Lighthouse in Long Beach, CA USA. The venue is amazing, beautiful, and a well sought after show for many enthusiasts. Dozens of vendors participate, the raffles are huge, it's definitely a big event. People from different states travel just to be here!


The day before the event, it rained. ALOT. Which is very uncommon here in California, but nonetheless it happened. As you can see in the photo above - the vehicles park on those grassy hills. On the OTHER side of this little part of land, is a small 10 foot path and then the ocean. The fear was that vehicles would slide off and go into the ocean, or hit another car or person. So for safety reasons, the show was postponed.

Ok, That doesn't sound bad. Why was there drama?

The team that put on the event is lead by a "Promoter" / President named Jon. Jon is an incredible guy, and does a lot of good for our community. However, due to these events and people being upset, he got very defensive...to the point where people were calling him hostile (some even called him racist). We encourage you to watch the video above to get the whole picture of what's going on.

Where do you go from here?

We're working on doing another video with Jon himself, but in the meantime...we're all just waiting for the event date to be announced.

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