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      Virtual racing and Consoles/PC. We value your opinions and as D_TRB is kicking off so are we. (KLIK for more information)

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      NXT GEN racing is Leagues oriented group of clean racers who started organising online races right after Project Cars hit the shelves.

      With this new driving sensation and experience on the Consoles PS4 and XBone it was finally an opportunity to see what we could do. A couple of enthousiastic virtual racers actually started inviting friends and promoting a clean racers league over the internet. Not only for PCars, but also for Dirt, AC (if Private Lobbies arrive). But also for Formula1, TrackMania etc. With a bit of banter we grew to what we are now. A 1500 plus members FB group with a lot of running leagues.

      Some DIRT action.

      Some DIRT action.

      We introduced a photo competition, we have a set of rules for conduct on and off the virtual track. And we have a solid small group of admins that work for you as a driver. Issues are judged, with a point deduction system. And misbehaviour on track will be penalised. Therefor we see some occasional touching and discussion but in the end... We all have great races. And to top it off... CLEAN RACES.

      Le Mans.....

      Le Mans.....

      With D_TRB going live a additional platform to discuss with like minded people arose. From wheels, driving techniques up to nice driving we had, see and expect from each other. A platform different from FaceBook but liaisoned to each other. With a possible huge amount of potential fellow virtual racers.

      If you want to join races or want to discuss something with media are available. But if you want to see and participate within our events, every day we have one or more leagues running from GT3 to Group A, you have to join the FaceBook page and enter the competition. We have all level of drivers within our ranks.. From pro IRL drivers to the occasional staying home daddy drivers.. Leagues that are popular are multi tier, so you can join the level of experience you have and drive wheel to wheel with you IRL opponents.

      GT3 action on track....

      GT3 action on track....

      Currently we have all the races in the European time zones. We like to race with you... Sign up at:


      And join the fun.... And of course get your mates in on the action. Join us here and on FaceBook to have the real Virtual eXperience! And share this topic...

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      • Iv been racing In this community for a good while now. (got to be about 2-3 years) psn MidzzFinest-Lee.. And it's been an absolute pleasure. Racers of all different levels. Really well run group with admin managing any issues or penaltys very well. They always try something a Different way just to see if it makes things better or not. I'm really enjoying chasing the quicker guys at the moment it just makes me better myself. Iv got a lot quicker since joining the group and the close battles have just got better and better...

        Cheers to everyone at NXT GEN RACING LEAGUES

        Looking forward to every Race in the future 🍻

          4 years ago


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