- If you're the boss of Ferrari Australasia, what kind of cars do you have left to desire?

We quizzed Ferrari's Australasian boss on cars and jelly

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Herbert Appleroth is not only the CEO of Ferrari’s Australasian operation, he’s also heir to the famous Aeroplane Jelly empire.

At the launch of Ferrari’s latest - the 488 Pista - in Sydney, we grabbed him for a quick chat on all things Ferrari, the cars he loves, and a little bit on jelly.

TW: How many 488 Pistas will arrive in Australia?

HA: We don’t release that information, but it certainly won’t be enough!

TW: What competitors keep you up at night, especially in this region. Is it your classic rival, Lamborghini, or is it McLaren, with their new LT series?

HA: I think our competition is something different. We’re the leader, the originator in the supercar space. Our biggest competitor, really, is some form of economic downturn. I don’t see other car brands so much as rivals, as something like an overseas holiday.

TW: Tell us about the Ferrari Purosangue [high-riding Ferrari GT, scheduled for 2022]. How do we pronounce it?

HA: ‘Pur-oh-san-gway’ – thoroughbred [in Italian].

TW: Is it an SUV or not?

HA: It’s a Purosangue and it’s a Ferrari, and that’s all that matters.

TW: When can we expect to find out more?

HA: We’ll know more about that car in 2022.

TW: Ferrari's Icona [limited editions] program. We've seen the Monza speedster, they're said to be ultra-limited... will Australia ever see these cars?

HA: We have some of the best collectors in the world here in Australia. We’re lucky that some of our clients here were invited to the international launch in Maranello a coupe of months ago, so there will certainly be cars allocated for this market.

Could one of these Ferrari Monzas be coming to a street near you?

TW: Is there anything you can let us know about Ferrari's upcoming hybridized V6 engine family?

HA: I’m not at liberty to say.

TW: Now, you owned a Ferrari at 26 right? Which Ferrari was it?

HA: It was a 355 GTS. It was red with a beige interior.

TW: Do you still have it? What was its fate?

HA: No. I’ve been trying to find it, actually. I’d love to get it back. I’ve heard rumors it’s actually out of the country…

Ferrari's newest Sydney service centre, where the launch was held, had this yellow example of a 355 Berlinetta.

TW: Do you drive a Ferrari now?

HA: Not every day. I have an Alfa Romeo that is supplied to me, it’s a lovely car, but I have a Testarossa. It’s being restored right now. I’m more in the market for classic cars as I get to drive the new Ferraris so often.

TW: What's your favourite Ferrari of all time? A 'you can only save one' type scenario?

HA: I’d say the F40, still. Growing up that’s the car I had prominently on my bedroom wall. It was the first of the true supercars… but the ultimate would be the 250 GTO. Especially now that they’re at 90 million dollars…

Who can say no to the F40?

TW: And your favourite non-Ferrari of all time?

HA: It would probably be a Maserati A6 GCS. Absolute stunner, and the car that inspired the Maserati Gran Turismo. That’s pretty close to my heart.

The GCS was, of course, styled by Pininfarina.

TW: One last question. Your favourite Aeroplane Jelly flavour?

HA: [no hesitation] Lime.

What's your favourite Ferrari, but more importantly, what's your favourite flavour of Aeroplane Jelly? Tell us in the comments.

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