We really can't get our heads around this abstract Toyota Supra

Its inspiration comes from the Tesla Cybertruck and Karlmann King 4x4!

4w ago

The A90 Toyota Supra has been out for a number of years now and its design is getting old to be brutally honest. It doesn't appear as timeless as the previous generation Supra. But what if it was turned into a cyber car?

FLAT HAT 3D Studio has had a closer look at the design and decided it needs a few tweaks and they did this through an insane render.

The inspiration behind this Supra render is in fact from two different cars we already know of: the Tesla Cybertruck and Karlmann King 4x4. And just by looking at this design, you can see where they picked certain elements from to use in this render.

Upon first glance you will notice its higher ride which is inspired by both cars as well as its boxy shape, square arches and diamond-sculpted panels. It is truly a mental looking piece of art and that's why we love it so much.

The designer himself described it as being: "Solid, Secure, Minimalist, Futuristic, 100% bulletproof."

I took the core concepts from both cars and added them to the Supra, simplifying most of the design lines while keeping the core body lines. This makes no sense at all, which makes it more fun to make," he added.

Should this car actually be made?

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