​We really want the all-new M3 Touring in north america

Bmw is working hard to make the revealing of the m3/m4 possible.

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Bmw is working hard to make the revealing of the m3/m4 possible. With having those fun sport cars, bmw is also making a wagon version of the m3 sedan also known as the m3 touring for next year. What's not really nice is that the touring version of m3 is not gone arrive any time soon in north america; and that is bad. We don't know why europeans think that north american people will not like a high performance fun to drive wagon that has extra space in the trunk or lt say in the boot. Yes car manufacturer's have tried a lot with giving us high-performance wagon and most of them have failed. So why an a earth bmw should bring the m3 touring to north america; well we haven't got a wagon from europe in almost 10 years and people have changed a lot. Bmw marketing managers if you are reading this right now; I know more than 1 million people which will buy this new wagon. Bmw has announced that they are not gone bring the m3 touring to north america but we; yes you could change this and make it not happen By posting this picture on social media and hashtag it with #bringbackm3touring

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