WE SHALL BE MONSTERS. Mellow Motorcycles’ ‘Frankenstein’ Ducati Sprint Racer

1y ago


Mellow Motorcycles are anything but. They don’t do partial restorations or touch ups and they’re refreshingly forward about charging a premium for the work they do. Work which is consistently clean and clearly belies the name they’ve given themselves. And nowhere is their dedication and incredible craftsmanship more apparent than on their latest bike, a Ducati-Honda sprint racer named FRKNSTN that to my eyes is FCKNFNTSTC.

FRKNSTN was built for a singular purpose – to tackle the pan European Sultans of Sprint race series. Regular readers of Pipeburn (and you’re all regular readers, right?) will be familiar with the insanity. But if you’re late to the party here’s a rundown: The Sultans of Sprint is a series of short distance drag races across Europe, where points are awarded for not only winning the sprint, but for having the best looking bike, coming closest to binning it and drinking the most.


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