W​e want the Hulk

I am sad to say this… Alex is out. I’m not sure why he is so much worse from last year but he really is and I had a lot of faith in him. It's hard to make predictions with this one because there have been questions surrounding equipment between Verstappen and Albon all year. Helmut Marko even admitted to Alex having the short end of the stick in terms of equipment. Having said that… mirrors generally work the same. There’s just something else going on with Albon now that wasn’t there last year. I don’t know if it is because he doesn’t feel as though he needs to fight for the seat, I really hope that is not the case. If it is he is going to have a crude awakening.

Hulkenberg and Perez are both available, come next season. Signing either of them would give Verstappen the second best teammate he’s ever had (can't replace the bromance that was him and Dannyric). Both these guys are drivers that could really come into their own at Red Bull. Perez has been very consistent this season and ever so close to a podium. Hulkenberg has the ability to be drinking coffee one hour and drive a race car the next. Was he driver of the day because Hulk is a fan favorite? Yes of course. However, he also went from P20 to P8 and helped Racing Point take third in the constructors championship.

Christan, Helmut… give it a thought ok? We want the Hulk.

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