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We want you to wish Happy Birthday to the Hamster!

As some of you may know, Richard Hammond’s birthday is approaching and some fans of the Hamster have come up with the idea to produce a video to send him birthday wishes!

Participation is simple. Send to our awesome video editor, Lowri Tulk (JR Tulkian), a short video of you wishing Happy Birthday to Richard Hammond in English. Even better if you wish it in your native language! If you are not comfortable with filming yourself talking, you can simply take a photo of you holding up a piece of paper with the following:

Hello, I’m (your name) from (your country). Happy Birthday Richard!

You have plenty of time to submit your video or photo. The deadline is 14th December. Please send your video to lawtulk@gmail.com with the subject line “Richard Hammond Video submission”.

On the 19th December we will publish it here on Drivetribe and send it to Mr. Hammond.

Let’s make it great and have some fun celebrating the Hamster’s birthday!

Leave a comment if you're joining us!

Edit - Important

Those wishing to participate MUST comment below by Sunday 2th December at 11:59 pm GTM. This is so our editor can keep track of participants and create a production plan, thank you!

Thanks to :

Beth Moerschel, Cari Lyn Maguire, Cristina Maiocchi, Courtney Vollberg, Dylan Lowe, Ebba Torresson , Emilia Torresson, Emma Voltaire, Kiki Officer, Klaudia Dyszkiewicz, Laura Gow, Laura Hertzman, Luke Reed, Mackie Beth, Melina Janjac, Nadia Binelli, Sammy Halloran Smith, Shanna Grbach, Seba Flores, Silvia Camilli, Veoniss Melissa Huston

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Comments (44)
  • I want to participate! Very very very! I really want to take part! How unhappy I am that I did not notice this message! Can I send you my video tomorrow?Maybe an exception is possible? I so want and dream to congratulate Richard Hammond and wish him a lot of happiness! I am from a rare and far away country of Belarus! ... Please :)

    2 days ago
    1 Bump
    • Hello, thank you for expressing your wish to be part of this video. Unfortunately the deadline has passed for those wishing to be involved, and I am unable to accept any latecomers...

      Read more
      2 days ago
      2 Bumps
    • I'm really sorry ... Maybe I can congratulate Richard Hammond with my own creativity? I'll try :)

      1 day ago
      1 Bump
  • For those participating, please ensure you send the video or photo in Landscape format to lawtulk@gmail.com.

    If you have already sent in your submission, thank you for participating! Submissions look good so far, and I will get around to replying to the emails soon.

    3 days ago
    2 Bumps


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