- The Ex-VC reckons we'll be in autonomous cars in 15 years! - Image from Bosch

We Will No Longer Be Driving Cars In 20 Years!

1y ago


For hundreds of years, the horse was one of the most reliable modes of transport for getting us from A to B. The first automobile was credited to Karl Benz in 1885, and from that, it transformed how we travel. For the next 132 years to the present day, cars have been the most common method of transport for people.

The Benz Patent Motor Car - unveiled in 1885

Bob Lutz is the former Vice Chairman of General Motors, and has held senior executive positions with Ford, Chrysler, BMW and Opel. The former VC states that we are in times of change once again with the automotive industry, stating that within 20 years, we will no longer be driving cars.

Instead, the former VC states that we will have access to fully autonomous vehicles, which can be called upon, enter your destination and off you go. These autonomous vehicles will be owned by firms such as Uber, amongst other firms, who you will pay a fee to for your journey once complete.

Bob Lutz is ex Vice Chairman of General Motors, and his prediction for the future of automobiles is grim

The use of autonomous vehicles will enable cars to travel faster on motorways, travelling from between 150MPH and 200MPH. The former Vice Chairman puts this down to there being no human error in the autonomous vehicles. He goes onto state that in most countries, human errors account for the majority of reasons for accidents.

As autonomous vehicles become more popular, the market will start to shift, and, according to Mr. Lutz, once 20-30% of the market has switched to fully autonomous vehicles, there will be a change in legislation to persuade the rest of the population.

What do you think of Bob Lutz hypothesis? Do you think autonomous vehicles are the future for automobiles?