Wealthy Americans are buying station wagons instead of SUV's

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If there is one thing the world knows about America these days (besides Trump); it's that the American people love their SUV's.

But it looks as though that fact could be changing thanks to an abundance of choice in the market.

“The winner in the death of the car is the station wagon,”

Karl Brauer, executive publisher for Autotrader

According to a report conducted by Edmunds.com, approximately 212,000 Americans drove off into the sunset in their brand spanking new station wagons last year. Considering the size of America that might not sound like very many, however that is a 29% increase when compared to sales figures in the US five years ago.

One of the main reasons for such an increase could be down to one simple fact, five years ago there wasn't exactly much choice in the market when it came to station wagons. But since then Volvo introduced the V90, Jaguar rolled out the XF Sportbrake and Volkswagen sailed the Golf Sport Wagon across the Atlantic to the US shores also. Not to mention for the Americans who have that little bit extra cash to spend there is also the Porsche Panamera.

Finally the American station wagon market gets a bit of break from the standard Audi, Mercedes and BMW monsters.

Sam Russell, Buick's Marketing Director had this to say, “There’s a group of consumers who are greatly interested in the versatility and capability of an SUV, but they don’t want to be seen as someone who just goes with the flow”.

Some may say that the the good old station wagon has had its day and sales dropped for a good a reason, but others may argue that sales dropped so dramatically before because car makers stopped making them. For now however, I believe the station wagon is back, and they are looking better than ever.

What do you think?

Would you drive a station wagon instead of an SUV? If so which one?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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  • Hope europeans will start buying them again! I like them better than suvs

    5 days ago
  • they might weigh more than a saloon but the inherent structural torsional integrity...ooooh my! estates have always had a soft spot with me. exactly opposite of a drop-top. more stable than an suv. lower centre of gravity. much better high speed stability. layer cake levels of "blendability". mostly ignored by the constabulary compared to the average supercar or sports car. add horsepower of the v8-v10 or v12 variety and presto! a stealth machine 'extraordinarire'! ferrari had a clue with the introduction of the ff model and audi has been pumping them out for years. so has bmw...i know,i know. needless to say i like the estates far more than any of the suv things that have been foisted upon us over the past couple of decades. such is the lot of us who have enthusiast preferences i guess. :-)

    5 days ago


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