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Okay, so it's not everyone. In fact it's a small percentage of students. For a car enthusiast, if it's not me, then it's practically everyone.

I'm been in Vancouver Canada for about 16 months now, working away on my graduate degree at Simon Fraser University. On the walk to class or the lab, I purposely go through the parking garages just to see what my fellow university students have driven in with today. There are those typically Honda Civics, Toyota Corollas, Hyundais, and every other under $30k mass production Japanese/American car you can imagine. But in between them, is where the "aesthetically" better ones are. The ones that make the detour through the parking garage all the sweeter and the ones your jaw literally drops to see.

McLaren anyone?

Vancouver is known for its rich immigrants from Asia, the Middle East, and South East Asia. Rich kids need to get an education too, and because of the lack of (or nonexistence) of private higher learning institutions, we are "grateful" to have them join us at our public institutions. When the kids are bringing in fancy cars for eye candy, it's hard to complain.

A proud M4 owner from SFU

These kids are so lucky. I imagine that if my parents had the capacity to own a new McLaren or Ferrari there would be no way I would be allowed to bring it to campus.

Not the best decal I've seen.

But wait! How do I know they're driven by students? Couldn't the faculty be wealthy too? Sadly in the Province of British Columbia, for reasons I still cannot accept, they require novice drivers to stick a fat N sticker on their vehicles. Some "novice" drivers are clever. I once saw one driving a Nissan 350Z with his N sticker sideways (Z). This is probably the most embarrassing way to show people you're a novice driver, apart from actually driving horrendously.

Steer clear of the novice sticker

Here's a breakdown of what I've seen in the hands of young 20 somethings on campus:

McLaren: 650S (A least 3 different ones), Porsche: 911 C2S, Cayman S, Panamera; BMW: i8, M6; Mercedes-Benz: SLS AMG; C63 AMG, G63 AMG; Aston Martin: DB9, V8 Vantage; Rolls-Royce: Phantom, Ghost; Ferrari: 430, California, 599; Jaguar: F-Type; Lamborghini: Huracan. If any of these are yours....please take me for a ride!

Seeing a great car, whether expensive or not, is a great sight, and warms the heart. What have you seen lately?

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