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Wear Senna Special Edition TAG Heuer timepieces in Senna 360!

Ayrton Senna’s official virtual museum mobile app has received its first major update

Ayrton Senna’s official virtual museum mobile app has received its first major update. Now you can wear each of TAG Heuer’s Senna Special Edition Chronographs in Augmented Reality through Senna 360. To experience the brand new feature, download/update the app, click on one of the watches and follow the instructions!

Ayrton Senna became a TAG Heuer ambassador when he joined McLaren in 1988. At the time TAG was not only a shareholder in the team, but one of McLaren’s most important sponsors and technology partners, developing the electronic systems of their F1 cars. As TAG Heuer stated in 2001, until his tragic death in May 1994, Senna was more than a partner for the company: he was a friend. Over the years, he helped to build the company's renown around the globe. He also played an active role in the development of products by submitting them to the most stringent tests: top-level competition in extreme conditions.

In celebration of this special relationship, TAG Heuer has decided to support the Ayrton Senna Foundation (Instituto Ayrton Senna). As a not-for-profit organisation, the Foundation uses the Senna trademark and the image of the champion to set up programs to help underprivileged youth - one of the ambitions expressed by Senna.

Ayrton Senna is forever a role model known for pushing himself past his limits, staying focused on the finish line and turning intense pressure into fuel to speed ahead of the pack. He was the face of the very first #DontCrackUnderPressure TAG Heuer campaign in 1991 and he remains the perfect embodiment of this state of mind and the influence behind TAG Heuer's Ayrton Senna special collection.

Last October TAG Heuer launched two new TAG Heuer Carrera timepieces for an exceptional tribute to Ayrton Senna, both powered by the Heuer 02 Calibre, including one equipped with a tourbillon.

In the app you can try on the three virtual chronographs, the Senna Special Edition TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01, the 02, and the 02T. To check it out, you need to print the paper wristband, what you can receive either in email or by downloading the PDF file. After printing, cut it along the outline and apply adhesive or tape to fasten the band around your wrist. Scan the QR code with the Senna 360 app and enjoy! You can change the size of the watches with a pinch or zoom so the watch band fits you.

©Spin Lab AG

©Spin Lab AG

You can explore the watches more by checking out their high fidelity 3D models and learn about the chronographs’ features through informative annotations placed on every timepiece.

©Spin Lab AG

©Spin Lab AG

As a commemoration of Ayrton Senna’s 25 year legacy, in May 2019 Instituto Ayrton Senna announced the launch of the Senna 360 mobile apps for iOS, Android and web experience. The Senna 360 mobile apps and web experience offer Ayrton Senna fans a virtual museum and interactive experience of the racing career of Ayrton Senna, allowing them to explore through high fidelity 3D, augmented reality and virtual reality features. The Senna 360 mobile apps and web experience offer fans an unprecedented insight to Ayrton Senna’s immense legacy, while also enabling them to contribute to it. Supporters of the Brazilian legend can also play the Senna 360 retro-style minigame "World Championship".

The app was produced by Swiss virtual museum laboratory Spin Lab, the premiere provider of 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality to the motorsport industry. Spin Lab is led by Australian tech guru Alexander Hartman, who in the previous years held the position of a Representative Director at The MS Office and Keep Fighting, Michael Schumacher’s management office and charitable foundation.

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Download Senna 360 (Android and iOS): download.senna360.org/

Check out the Senna 360 web experience: www.senna360.org/

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