Weekend at The Races- Estoril Classics Week

      Estoril Motorcircuit, as many of you might remember, was the stage where Ayrton Senna acquired the first of his many victories on F1 and Niki Lauda was crowned World Champion for the last time. Many years have passed since the V10 era cars made the tarmac tremble in the last F1 season hosted by the circuit... But this is a happy story! The circuit isn't abandoned as happened to many over the years. It's still going strong, hosting many press launches and the occasional race. Estoril Classics Week, brings back the golden age of motoring to the circuit. Due to the fact that not much remodelling went on the past 20 years, everything looks period correct and with a certain patina just like it should.
      Here I leave you some of my favourite shots from the weekend, mostly digital shots and some are shot on film. Wait for the next instalment, it covers the Concours D'elegance on the gardens of the Casino of Estoril.

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