- Commander in Cruise

Weekend PT treat

People always ask me why I rush to the front seat when presented with the opportunity of riding in a PT Cruiser. Besides the obvious reason, being easily spotted riding front row in one of God's greatest creations known to man, one must also consider safety as well.

You see, It turns out that your survival rate increases 98% during a side impact collision when you call shotgun in one of these little beautys. Meaning if you lose your seat up front, or someone else calls shotgun when the vehicle makes its stop for concessions, you will mostly likely die an immediately untimely, inevitably humiliating, ghastly gruesome death upon impact.

So without futher adue, here is a video I stole from Youtube demonstrating the second most important reason to always call "Shotgun" when riding in a Chrysler PT Cruiser. Amen

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