W​eekend Wrap Up: A Porsche Boxster, The Ioniq 5, And A Flying Cadillac

A​ll of last week's car news.

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1​. Hyundai's Ioniq 5

T​he production-qualified Ioniq 5 EV was previewed last week before a February debut, and showed off some pretty cool features. The vehicle can be used as a 3.5 kW generator, and was shown cooking a turkey, powering high-end audio speakers and even a treadmill in a video released by Hyundai. The Ioniq 5's specs were leaked late last year, revealing its 313 horsepower all-wheel drive layout. The 2022 Ioniq 5 will make its debut this February, and is slated to be joined by a large suite of Ioniq EVs by 2025.

R​ead more about the 2022 Ioniq 5 EV here.

2​. Hyundai Kona N

A​lso from Hyundai is a teaser of the Kona N performance SUV, a vehicle that has been confirmed to have the 2.0 L inline-four from the Veloster N hot hatchback. Transferring this power, up to 275 horses in the Veloster, will be an 8-speed dual clutch transmission, the latter of which is optional on the performance-oriented hatch. The aggressive SUV will be unveiled in the next few weeks, and has only been confirmed for the European market.

R​ead more about the Hyundai Kona N here.



3​. BrightDrop

G​eneral Motors has launched a company dedicated to electric delivery solutions. Called BrightDrop, the brand will launch two vehicles within 2021 - the EV600 van and the EP1 automated pallet. The former is extremely impressive, with over 600 cubic feet of cargo space and an estimated 250 miles of range. Even more impressive still, the electric van can recharge 170 miles of range per hour and boasts a 13.4-inch infotainment screen. The EP1 on the other hand secures 23 cubic feet of cargo, supports 200 pounds, and travels at up to 3 mph. The EP1 will be available in early 2021 with EV600 models following later this year.

R​ead more about the BrightDrop EV600 electric van and EP1 pallet here.

4​. Cadillacs Galore

G​M subsidiary Cadillac teased and unveiled an abundance of vehicles at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) last week, those of which included a single-seater drone, an electric party bus, and the Celestiq, an electrified hatchback. Starting with the Celestiq, it's the most plausible vehicle presented at CES from the automaker, and boasts four-wheel steering, over 300 miles of range, and a completely glass roof. The ultra-luxury EV should arrive by 2025 with a price tag over $100,000.

N​ext up is the PAV Pod, an electric party bus with sensors in the seats. The concept is part of Cadillac's Halo lineup, and was built to create a social space for family and friends on their way to an event. Its seats have biometric sensors that read a passenger's vital signs, and adjust the climate accordingly. Oh yeah, it's completely autonomous.

A​lso unveiled at CES 2021, and from Cadillac, is the EVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft), a single-seater drone. The concept has a 90 kWh battery pack and boasts the ability to spin its eight rotors to 90 mph.

R​ead more about the Cadillac Celestiq (here), PAV Pod, and EVTOL here.

5​. Chevy Teases The Bolt EUV Again

C​hevrolet has teased the upcoming Bolt EUV yet again, this time showing its steering wheel and gauge cluster. The video exhibits its Super Cruise hands-free driving light bar engaging, confirming that the Bolt EUV will be the first Chevy to boast a once Cadillac-only system. Numerous other teasers have been released by the car manufacturer, including its silhouette, headlight, and infotainment screen. Both the all-new Bolt and Bolt EUV will be unveiled this coming February with an on sale date of Summer 2021.

R​ead more about the latest Chevrolet Bolt EUV teaser here.

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6​. NIO ET7

C​hinese EV maker NIO has launched the ET7 luxury sedan, a Tesla Model S adversary. With a starting price of around $69,000, the 643 horsepower ET7 certainly isn't cheap, but does offer over 620 miles of range with the optional 150 kWh battery pack. Standard models, equipped with a 70 kWh battery, are capable of 310 miles on a single charge, and mid-range 100 kWh ones boast 435 miles. Additionally, the ET7 is set up for autonomous driving, with an abundance of sensors and even Lidar technology. Deliveries of the China-only NIO ET7 will begin in early 2022.

R​ead more about the NIO ET7 here.



7​. Porsche Boxster 25th Anniversary Edition

P​orsche announced the Boxster 25th Anniversary Edition last week, a sports car that was first introduced in 1993 as a concept. This limited-edition model is based on the 718 GTS 4.0, and pays homage to the concept with gold wheels and a red interior. Buyers will benefit from a 394 horsepower 4.0 L flat-six engine and a 6-speed manual transmission as standard (#savethemanuals). Pricing starts at $99,950 - $9700 more than the starting price of a GTS 4.0 - and they will reach dealerships this spring.



8​. Lexus LC500 Inspiration Series

L​exus is adding a new trim level to the LC500, the Inspiration Series. Included with this new model is a carbon fiber roof and rear wing, a limited-slip differential, 21-inch black forged-alloy wheels, and a restyled interior. It's limited to just 100 units, and utilizes the same 471 horsepower V8 as regular models, along with an Active Performance Exhaust. Inside the sounds don't stop, because a 13-speaker Mark Levinson audio system is onboard. Also inside is Saddle Tan accents, a serialized badge, and additional carbon fiber. The LC500 Inspiration Series will arrive at dealerships later this winter.

R​ead more about the 2021 Lexus LC500 Inspiration Series here.



9​. Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus Delayed

V​olkswagen's highly anticipated electric van, the ID.Buzz, has been delayed for the U.S. It was previously slated to go on sale in 2022, but was pushed to 2023 last week due to renovations at the Hanover, Germany, plant where it will be built alongside a commercial van.

R​ead more about the VW ID.Buzz Microbus delay here.



1​0. The Mazda CX-5 Diesel Is No More

M​azda is cutting the CX-5 Skyactiv-D diesel for the United States. After years of trying to get the 168 horsepower vehicle certified, the SUV went on sale for 2019 and has now been officially dropped. Mazda has also killed all plans for a 6 sedan diesel, a vehicle that would have had optional all-wheel drive. The reason for this development is lack of demand, likely caused by its low horsepower figures and $41,000 starting price.

R​ead more about the Mazda CX-5 Skyactiv-D diesel here.



O​ther Car News:

1​. Honda Ridgeline Drops Front-Wheel Drive

I​t's official, the Honda Ridgeline pickup truck is no longer front-wheel drive. For 2021, and with a refresh, the Ridgeline will come standard with all-wheel drive, and bears a much more rugged exterior design, along with a plethora of new packages. The updated truck also gets a price hike, and now starts $2500 higher, at $36,490. The vehicle will go on sale this February.

R​ead more about the refreshed Honda Ridgeline here.



2​. Audi Q5 Sportback Pricing Revealed

A​udi has released pricing for the sportback variant of the Q5 SUV. Starting at $48,895 for the Q5 Sportback Premium, the squareback model is $4500 more expensive than the standard version. A faster SQ5 Sportback trim level is also obtainable, and starts at $57,195, a $3200 premium.

R​ead more about the 2021 Audi Q5 Sportback's price tag here.



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