Weird Things Unique To Being A Petrol Head

If you think about it being a petrol head is much weirder than any other pursuit.

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If you think about other things people get nerdy about such as film, art or video games you might think that being a petrol head slots in there perfectly well and you would be perfectly correct. But the following are reasons why I think it stands out from any other.

The idea of forgiving a car

Have you ever seen a review of an airline seat and heard them say "the chair is awful, food terrible and the staff are mean yet I absolutely love it" I would say it's quite unlikely that you have. This is something that massively confused me when I was starting out getting into cars because I thought "well if a car is a collection of bad things then surely is bad" and in anything else this would be true. However, for some reason when we turn the ignition on and put our foot down all those sorrow melt away.

Usually these Can be what most people would think would be a catastrophic thing to get wrong in a car like the seat. I think a great example of this is Doug DeMuro's review of his gt 40 where ford thought it was a great idea to put plastic rings on the bit your back goes on. Doug later goes on to say that it's not a big problem to him, now to anyone who isn't a petrol head this would be a deal breaker because the seat is one of the fundamental things to get right on a car. But I weirdly agree with him, If you're driving something as exciting as a gt 40 you tend to forgive the car as if it were a person who dropped a drink on your floor who then later does funky adult time with you upstairs.

The idea of new things subtracting from old one's

The Mona Lisa is as good a painting as it was in 1503. The Lamborghini Countach and I'm sorry to say it, isn't as good as when it came out in 1970. We get very comfy in cars that come out now with Dual Clutches and cruise control and so on to make the driving experience something you don't really have to put much thought into. If changing gear was like pulling the lever to a 50 ton metal bridge then suddenly the driving experience is fundamentally different and more complicated. But this does link into the last point of forgiveness. I think it's reasonable to say we forgive the Countach for all its bad bits because. Well its a Countach, come on.

The idea of doing what petrol heads do but not being one

If I told you that every day I watch the lord of the rings for 5 hours you would reasonably thing that "oh he must really like lord of the rings" I think it would be reasonable to say you'd be surprised if I said "nah don't really care about films". But this is completely normal for cars. Now I am aware that mostly everyone needs a car because they need to get about, but what I'm saying is that this is one of the things petrol heads stand out in terms of hobbies.

If you can think of other things that make petrol head unique then please do comment because I genuinely am interested.

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